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We are a Wedding Films Studio based in New York & Nationwide, crafting memories that last forever.


Dulcigno Wedding Films invites you to step into a world where love takes center stage and every moment is a cinematic masterpiece. Our passion is capturing the essence of your love story, transforming it into a visual symphony that will be cherished for a lifetime.

At Dulcigno Wedding Films, we understand that your wedding day is a unique journey, and we are dedicated to crafting films that beautifully narrate your love story. Whether it’s a classic romance, a modern love affair, a destination dream, or a rustic elegance, we specialize in turning your wedding into a visual poem, reflecting the individuality and beauty of your special day.

Our cinematographers are not just storytellers; they are artists with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to capturing the genuine emotions that unfold during your celebration. We pride ourselves on blending creativity with professionalism, ensuring that each frame is a work of art that mirrors the joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments shared on your wedding day.

With Dulcigno Wedding Films, you’re not just hiring a videographer; you’re choosing a team that is dedicated to turning your wedding into a timeless masterpiece. Let us be the narrators of your love story, weaving together the threads of emotion, tradition, and celebration into a film that will transport you back to the magic of your wedding day every time you press play.

Experience the difference with Dulcigno Wedding Films — where your love story becomes an enchanting cinematic journey, and every frame is a testament to the beauty of your union.

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